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The "Sherlock Holmes strategy"

A series of activities designed to highlight the use of inferential strategies - for teacher's use, but easily adaptable for students' use.

Introductory Activity

Guess a strange word and think about how you go about it! An Italian version is also available.

Message in the bottle

Guess the missing words or the missing pictures in a comic strip. An Italian version is also available.

Mystery Painting

A mysterious painting gradually unfolds before your eyes ... An Italian version is also available.

Here starts the story ...

Read the beginning of a short story ... and make your own predictions as new paragraphs challenge your imagination ...

An Italian version is also available.


The “secret code strategy”

This activity highlights the use of induction strategies. Help archaeologist Ingana Jeans break a secret code ... and discover how you can make and test your own rules!

An Italian version is available.


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