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This guide shares ways in which you can prepare for your next research project, including identifying appropriate and credible resources, using special-topic search engines and citing the sources you find.

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Adapting Your Management Approach for Different Learning Styles

Brought to my attention by Chris and his teacher, Janelle Torres, from Colorado. With several additional links


Bibliography of  Language Learning Strategy Research


Richard Felder's Home Page - Resources in Science and Engineering Education

Many education-related materials, including papers on learning styles and active and cooperative learning, and an "Index of Learning Styles" questionnaire


General information on learning styles and multiple intelligences, interactive tests, practical suggestions and many references and links.



The Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition, University of Minnesota (USA) has conducted learning strategy research and developed a number of teacher resources for Strategies-Based Instruction, which is a learner-centered approach to teaching that integrates strategy training with embedded strategy practice in the foreign language classroom. The site includes information on the foundational research done on learner strategies, an annotated bibliography on strategies, working papers, and more.



The official site of the Scientific Commission on Learner Autonomy of the International Association of Applied Linguistics.



The Independent Learning Association is an organisation for language practitioners and researchers working in or otherwise interested in independent language learning. Specific areas of interest include: fostering Learner Autonomy through classroom practice, supporting Self-Directed Learning, providing Self-Access Language Learning facilities, Teacher Autonomy



An accurate summary of motivation theories, including evaluation tools and pedagogical implications, with several references and links.



Livingston, NJ, USA

How learning potential is enhanced: explore topics like theories of learning and schools of thought, history of educational systems, emotional intelligence, educational reform, and others.


Guide to Open Access Journals

This guide looks at some of the most reputable open-access journal websites, as well as paid subscription databases that are still widely used by traditional college students.


Guide to Online Academic Research

"How can you tell the good information from the bad? An Internet search engine, like Google, is a good place to start, but there’s much more you need to know about where to look, what is available, and how to filter what you need from what you don’t ..."


Learning Styles: Which One is Mine?

A learning style quiz, with detailed information about each style, recommendations and tips on what can be done to make the most of one's preferred learning style.


Online Communications Degree Programs


Free Online Education Courses - by subject


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