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Mini strategy survey

Do you really know what strategies your students are using? Why not try out this mini strategy survey?


From learning styles to teaching styles

How do your learning preferences affect your way of teaching? This questionnaire will help you to think about your teaching style in the areas of sensory modalities (visual verbal, visual non-verbal, auditory and kinesthetic), global vs analytic orientation, degree of structure (reflective vs impulsive) and individual vs group orientation.

An Italian version is also available.


Brain-dominance questionnaire

Each of us uses some combination of both left- and right-brain information processing modes. Many of us, though, show some preference for one over the other. This questionnaire will give you an indication of your possible preference. You will also read descriptions of the features of the different modes, and will be asked to consider the relevant implications for your learning and teaching approach.

Note: The questionnaire can also be used with students, provided a clear (but gentle!) introduction to the topic is used.

An Italian version is also available.


Support vs challenge questionnaire

Learning to be autonomous means, among other things, finding a balance between dependence and self-regulation. This questionnaire will help teachers to think about the degree to which they support and challenge learners in their day-by-day classroom management.

Note: The purpose of the questionnaire is fully explained in my paper Teacher Support and Teacher Challenge in Promoting Learner Autonomy


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