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Study skills

Study skills though English

("Language and literature" - The British Council 1987 Sorrento Conference)

If we link the teaching of study skills with the teaching of English as a foreign language, then the two sets of objectives can integrate and support each other within the framework of the school curriculum.


Study skills and the EFL syllabus: a cross-curricular approach

(Perspectives, a Journal of TESOL-Italy - Vol. XIV, No. 1, May 1988)

If we are ready to admit that students must learn how to learn, then it follows that study skills should be part of a specific and systematic teaching curriculum.


Note-making as process: a cross-curricular learning strategy

(Perspectives, a Journal of TESOL-Italy - Vol. XV, No. 2, May 1989)

By focussing on processes rather than on products, on skills rather than simply on subject-matter content, we will be able to consider note-making as a powerful tool to be used across the full range of school subjects.


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