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Beliefs and attitudes

Exploring Italian High School Students' Metaphors of Language learning

(Learner Development Journal • Volume 1: Issue 1 • November 2017)

This paper reports the results of a survey carried out on the beliefs and attitudes held by Italian upper-secondary school students about foreign language learning. The survey used metaphors as a powerful tool to explore this hidden dimension of language learning.

Probing the hidden curriculum: Teachers´ and students´ beliefs and attitudes

Paper given at the British Council 18th National Conference for Teachers of English - Palermo, 18-20 March 1999

The “hidden curriculum”, made up of beliefs and attitudes about language and learning, ultimately affects the success of any educational reform. This paper tries to describe the nature of these beliefs, explain their role in teaching and learning, and suggest ways in which they can be investigated and monitored.

An Italian version is available.


Beliefs and attitudes: A key to learner and teacher progression

(Perspectives, a Journal of TESOL-Italy - Vol. XXXVII, No. 1, Spring 2010)

Learners’ and teachers’ beliefs and attitudes towards languages and cultures, language learning and teaching, and themselves as learners and teachers have proved to affect intentions, decisions and behaviour in the classroom. This paper reports on the preliminary results of a survey carried out in Italian upper secondary schools, with the aim of monitoring and hopefully fostering learner (and teacher) progression.


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Learner autonomy

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